TMI 2.0

Technology Management, Inc. Sold to Dawn Cook

PRESS RELEASE September 29, 2015 Arlington, VA

Technology Management, Inc., doing business since 2001 as Technology Management Inc in Arlington, Virginia, closed its doors officially on August 17th, 2015. Former owners David Isaacson and Ann Vito sold the assets of the Virginia Corporation to its former CFO Dawn Cook, an MBA from Woodbridge, Virginia. Technology Management, Inc. was formally dissolved on that date.

Dawn-CookMs. Cook founded TMI 2.0, Inc. in the summer 2015, to operate in northern Virginia as a private, woman-owned technology company and will serve at its President and CEO. With purchased TMI assets, Ms. Cook will continue to provide top-notch services to small and mid-sized businesses and has already begun efforts to expand her business into government contracting. Many of the current and former TMI employees, will either continue or return to TMI 2.0.

TMI 2.0 will continue to provide technology consulting and implementation services to its clients, from Help Desk and Enterprise IT Solutions to Web and Application Development and Cloud & Managed Services. Ms. Cook has introduced technical consulting and implementation of Cyber Security Services to the TMI 2.0 products and services as well.

By establishing new relationships with both vendors and previous TMI and new clients, and by working hard to gain their confidence through loyalty, honesty and professional service, Ms. Cook and TMI 2.0’s mission is to take customer satisfaction to a new standard of excellence.

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